Take your
sound anywhere

Your bike, your office, your car, your playground.
The blue piston is as portable as you are.

A color to fit your style

It’s not just Blue. The blue piston comes in Purple,
Gunmetal, Lime, Turquoise, Pink, Black
and Red to match your style. What color fits you?

Any device,
any time

With Built-in Bluetooth® capability, connect
to any device. The blue piston lets you share
your style and sound — wires optional.

All boom,
no box

With a low-frequency resonance system
for clear sound and a surprisingly
strong bass, the blue piston will blow
your mind (and your eardrums).

Speak freely

Answer your phone calls and make
voice commands hands-free. With
a wireless speakerphone and built-in
noise reduction, you can talk to
your friends with clarity.

Half the size,
twice the sound

The blue piston is small enough to fit
in the palm of your hand. With its super
bass experience, you’ll wonder how
we fit so much sound into so little space.